Art supplies and equipment is expensive. I set aside a very small percentage of every purchase made through this website to an Art Supply Fund. The rest is used to keep the lights on! This fund is used to purchase new photography equipment, printing supplies, software, etc. If you'd like to support my work, but have run out of wall space, this is the best way! 100% of donations made through this page go directly into the Art Supplies Fund. Your generous donation ensures that I can pursue my dreams, and continue making art. Everything helps!


What am I saving for?

Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizer 77mm - $85

I LOVE this CPL. I've purchased 3-4 of these over the years. They get banged up, dropped, and need to be replaced every now and then. I currently lack a CPL, so this an urgent need. A CPL filters light as it enters the camera lens. I use it mainly to increase the intensity of reflections on placid lakes, and reduce glare on wet rocks in creeks. This is an essential piece of my kit.

Clip Studio Paint EX - $209

Ah, so you want to be competitive with the big boys? Well, you'd better load up on the software the pros use! The problem is that software for professionals is very expensive. Not as expensive as it once was, but it'll still hurt your wallet. I use to make my own comics using nothing but paper, t-squares, ink, and stupid expensive brushes. My wife and I have been writing a new comic together, and I'd love to use this software to ease the creation and simplify workflow. It means I can work faster and get the comic out to you even sooner! This software is essential for bringing our shared dream to life.